Willie Sharon 1

Willie Hunn, Director & Sharon Bishop, Co-Director

Pictured at the Mansfield Library before giving a presentation to a group of Home School Children!  

We make the program age appropriate!  Preschoolers, School Age, Young Folks, Seniors, etc.

If your organization needs a speaker for 30 - 45 minutes, please call the Carrousel.  We will come to your meeting place and tell the history of Richland Carrousel Park, carrousel history, and the impact that Richland Carrousel Park has on the downtown Mansfield area.  We bring pictures, handouts, treasures, and a copy of the old bumper sticker "Last One Out of Mansfield, Turn Off The Carrousel".  But most of all, we bring warmth, friendliness and fun to your meeting!

AND the best part . . . there is no charge!

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