Carrousel's 28th Anniversary

Saturday, August 31, 2019 - 10:00am

Come help us celebrate our 28th Anniversary . . .

remember the bumper sticker . . . "Last One out of Mansfield, turn off the Carrousel" . . . 28 years and we are still spinning in circles!

The Carrousel Grill opens about 10-10:30am with hot dogs ($1.50) and brats ($2.50) and lots of "other good stuff" that Ginny and staff will drag out to the grill.  The Operator will keep track and every 28th ride, there will be a FREE prize.  That is not a good idea because that would take over 2 hours!  Let's see, 28th Anniversary, 2+8=10, so every 10th ride, there will be a FREE prize.  There will be 28% off all merchandise in the Gift Shop.  There will be FREE rides all day!


Shop.  Ride.  Giggle.

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