Penny Press

Penny Press
December 08, 2015

A New Penny Press was delivered to the Carrousel today.

Bob Hunn, AZCL, LLC, delivered the penny press and it has four new impressions on it . . . outside of Carrousel building, hippocampus, giraffe and the flower horse.  It is mechanical, so you have the fun of turning the wheel to make your impression.  Pressed pennies make wonder souvenirs for yourself, your children and your grandchildren or anyone on your list.

What happened to the electric penny press?  It's still here!

AND while you are checking out the penny press machines, don't forget to stop in the Gift Shop where we are stocked up for the latest Christmas gifts and some old treasured ones also.

The Ladies Boutique has an array of Holiday tops and others that are toasty and warm.  The children's area is all decked out with many gifts and treasured items, Just for the Guys area has a lot of OSU "stuff" and miscellaneous items.

The Carrousel pavilion area is decorated for Christmas and Santa will be here Saturday and Sunday from 1 - 4 pm, Photos with Santa are only a $5 donation.

Shop.  Ride.  Giggle.



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