4,000,000th Rider

November 29, 2015

4,000,000th Rider

Jasmine Byler, 8, became 4 millionth rider on Friday, Nov. 27, and won a Special Party of two hours of fun, three tables with 24 chairs, 30 Carrousel rides, a gut-buster pizza donated by Two Cousins Pizza and a cake with ice cream.  Jasmine and her mom have one year to redeem her certificate.


Stay tuned because the Carrousel staff with come up with another event promoting riding the Carrousel.


Visit our website often for all of the upcoming exciting events.

Wednesday, Dec. 2 & 9, Bedtime Stories with Santa, 6 - 8 pm.  Call the Carrousel for reservations & payment information.  Reservations & payment are required in advanced as it is limited seated.

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