Proposal at Carrousel

Proposal at Carrousel
July 29, 2015

Wedding Proposal at Carrousel during Shawshank Hustle:

Pam Smulovitz Let me preface this story with, Trey Burke has zero interest in running, but when I expressed interest in a race based on my favorite movie, he agreed to join me and a few family and friends for a road trip. When I read there was a carousel in the middle of the race, I said naturally we had to ride it mid-race because you rarely get that chance. I had no idea that this chance meant he'd be plotting something better. While we waited in line for our turn, he ducked in to the bathroom, at which time he removed the ring from his necklace and came out like all was cool. We boarded the carousel and I went to the "back" side since it was empty. As I was choosing my horse (the mermaid horse!) I heard him talking to some of the others in our group and then heard, "Gah, I have a cramp in my calf." Then he said, "Hey Pam!" When I turned around, he asked me to marry him!! Obviously, I said yes! The location and setting was perfect. Even though the carousel was full, it was still very private and perfect!

There have been several wedding rehearsals, weddings, and receptions at the Carrousel.  We believe this is the first Wedding Proposal.

Shop.  Ride.  Giggle . . . and now a Wedding Proposal at the Carrousel




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