Tickets vs Token

Tickets vs Token

A question we are often asked . . . "Why do you sometimes give a token and sometimes a ticket, well, maybe different colored tickets?"  Here is the answer . . . 

If you purchase 1 - 5 rides, we give you a token for each ride purchased

If you purchase 6 rides for $5 or 50 rides for $35, we give you a roll of white precounted tickets that have the year on them.

On Fridays, 5 - 8 pm, Family Night, we give you colored tickets.  We have a variety of colors and the color is changed often.  Those tickets must be used the date of purchase.

If you bring in an old Carrousel Park Ticket with the year printed on it, we always honor those and we will give you new tickets for them.  The light green ticket in the picture is from 2008 and had been thru the customer's washer & dryer but we could still read our name and the year . . . we redeemed them for new tickets.

That's why we always say, "Tickets or Tokens purchased with our name and the year on them are good forever."

Stop in to see us to . . . SHOP . . . RIDE . . . Giggle!

We hope to see you soon!






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